Shread apart, destroy our pact
Walk away, on our own way
Forget this fears, cry our tears
Cross our worlds, forget our words

Cold wind, hugging in spring
Shiver along, know an old song
Show your weapons, prepare fot the battle
Not gonna win, consider it settled

Eyes are the soul, the body's the bowl
They don't say anything, just keep on going
A love or horror story, the same is the glory
Just win or lose, be fast to choose

Try to survive is what we do
Lucky to be alive, think that too
Why are you hiding? Is it life you're running from?
Keep on trying, you won't make it on your own

Singing along an old song
Be afraid of the ways wrong
Feel the breeze in the twilight
Made of grease, melts in high light
AlliahLivingstone AlliahLivingstone
18-21, F
Dec 18, 2012