Sweet Pea

I have a little kitty
As sweet as can be
And so aptly named
I call her my Sweet Pea.
She does the cutest things
And all without trying
I overflow with love for her
Misty eyed and crying.
All curled up and
Nestled on the bed
Looking comfy and cozy
And rather well fed.
With her big saucer eyes
And petite little face
Nothing but style
Eloquence and grace.
Strutting around here
Like she owns the place
And god forbid a mouse
Then it's on with the chase.
A short haired tabby
But without the 'M'
That mark on their forhead
That's really their gem.
A design instead
Found in its place
Within her fur
That you can trace.
Above her eyes
Over her face
Between her ears
Right at the base.
Is a Y with a circle around
The sign of peace
As if she were bound.
Healing my stress
All year round
No better friend
For I have found.
Cute as a button
Sweet as can be
She's my baby girl
She's my Sweet Pea.


with this pic you can see the peace sign on her head better . . .
maltesemermaid maltesemermaid
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3 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Awww your poem is awesome but that photo of lil Sweet Pea just tells the whole tale...She is totally precious!! Love those big green eyes!! :)

thank you Sie . . . she is totally that . . . most precious . . . hard to believe she will be 15 years old this summer . . . she still acts like a playful kitten . . . 8D

WOWW!! She looks sooo young!! That lil girl has been totally loved and cared for to look so awesome at that age!! You are a wonderful furbaby mom!!

hahahahaha . . . thank you Sie . . . she is extrodinary . . . and I am a lucky mama . . . she's never been sick a day in her life . . . I am truely blessed . . . she spends most of her winter time on my shoulder . . . hahahahaha . . . she is a cuddeller for sure . . . she's here now . . . purrrrrrring sweetness into my ear . . . hahahahaha . . . I love her silly . . . she makes that easy . . .

What a lucky girl she is to have an owner who views her so poetically.

thank you jessy . . . and what a lovely comment . . . 8D

Aww what a purrrrfect tribute to a furry friend. Animals make awesome friends! ♥

hahaha . . . cute ! . . . thank you Sie . . . they really do . . . 8D