Winters May

A frozen day-- in Winters May,
No light in the horizon,
The darkeness knew it was the day,
Even now -- its like a posion -- eating, dying, going away.

A cold dark Winter's May,
Every day I just lay and lay,
The crack has sealed itself
The light is mourned-- it has dimmed itself

A cold dark Winters May,
The wind goes on so fickle
Time has been and passed -- day, by day, by day,
A sad, lonely, winters May...

**Have to admit, this is one of my favourite pieces that I ever wrote. Still my all time favourite to share.
eternitynight eternitynight
18-21, T
1 Response Dec 22, 2012

this is amazing! you have an amazing talent! so inspirational

Thank you very much! :)

you're welcome:)