A blanket that Grandma made

 Your warmth wraps around my soul like a blanket that grandma made.  
Offering comfort and love. With the most innocent and true  of intentions. 
Selfless and considerate all the same. 
I nestle up to it and enjoy it as it puts smile after smile on my face.
 I want to wrap my entire self up in it just to see how warm it can really be.
It makes me feel cared for and special, because I know it is just for me...  
A token of compassion and love for a chilly tired soul. 
 It is sweet and I enjoy feeling surrounded by it... 
It is a tender gesture, humble and considerate. 
A gift I hope to have for a long time. 
Comforting me when I'm without energy and wrapping around me when I'm alone. 
Now do you see ...
What your warmth means and how it feels like a blanket that Grandma made for me? 
It is a quilt in my mind.
With each square representing a single time. 
A special moment in our new friendship... 
So far we have a square that has a poem and a square that has a song and a square with a moon in the sky.
 I hope we are friends long enough to fill the entire quilt up one day with squares of laughter and  tears wiped dry.
I hope its comfort never fades.
Because I love the way your warmth feels llike a blanket that Grandma made... 
Please wrap me up in it 
up to my chin 
and tuck me up tight 
so no more cold drafts can get in.
Then  let me fall asleep 
to dream... 
Of love and passion
and life long friends.
Of feelings and experiences that will have no end... 
And how we can help eachother make it through...
Now I can only hope that my warmth feels like a blanket that Grandma made for you... 
RavensHeart RavensHeart
36-40, F
Jan 7, 2013