Our Dying Earth's Last Summer

As I breathe, the polluted air burns my throat  
A cutting summer gale rips through my worn coat  
My cold hands tremble inside my rotting mittens  
On the street, I see two frail, dead kittens  
I feel a searing pain
It must be the acid rain  
The pain intensifies as the rain slowly eats away at my pale skin  
I feel my poisoned blood swiftly flow down my face and off my chin  
I curl into a ball on the ice-cold cement  
I wish I lived in the beautiful past, not this depressing present  
I will never have children or a wife  
I guess my life was balancing on the blade of a knife  
Before I fall into a sleep I know I will never wake up from, I cry  
And I scream to the sky  
I hear birdsong all around me, I am in a warm, green forest, and on my hand, is a lark  
Then everything goes dark
LittIeWingsOfRo LittIeWingsOfRo
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013