I am in a dark room

Surrounded by smoke

All I can hear Is the voices

She needs to let go of the bottle

It is all around me

She going crazy over a man

And it’s getting thick

I can’t escape

He’s a man and he needs to be treated as such

It feels just as bad as his hands around my throat

Everything was fine until he arrived

It’s toxic and polluted

It’s going to become violent

It burns my lungs like the piecing of his nails burned my flesh

You need to understand that he’s a man

He’s a grown man

He’s right

You made him angry

You disrespected him

It fills my lungs

Like the tears filled my eyes

I tried to run, I wasn’t fast or swift enough

She caught me

The smoke begins to suffocate me slowly

She made me stay made him stay

I started to lose my breath

She told me she loved him he was her man

It took over my lungs

It filled my body

Swallowed me whole

I died…….
Nita2 Nita2
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013