My King Someday

I could be your baby,your princess
You can be my prince
Maybe my king someday
Cherish and care for you I promise

You can kiss me all over,nothing is outabounds
I will shake my pride and open up to you
I'm ready for you
This world was made for two
Do you still want me? I hope so

Have I done enough to convince you
I don't doubt you,I know you care for me
I will let you know that I care
It will happen automatically,this I need to do
The time is right,it's perfect

I'm not ashamed of my life,I've done the best that I can with what I've had
Together we can achieve great things
I'm not scared of the future,I can do this
Maybe you've been hurt in the past,so too have I
Things can be good,baby steps...
bessnzeek bessnzeek
31-35, F
Jan 12, 2013