Living As A Child Today

I would not want to
as a child today
Where living in fear
looms over them
No matter where
they are

I would not want to
As a child today
Not knowing who to trust
Or what is worth holding

Mixed messages abound
Bad examples are
All around
death no longer astounds them
IT is just a part of life
As a husband shoots a wife
or a parent destroys
a child's life
seeking some kind of gain
Never admitting their blame
surrounding the pain they caused

Innocence is being lost
while boundaries continue
To change
and people in power
are given too much say
when "mommy and "daddy
Are being replaced with substitutions
OH LORD, Please show your love and mercy
To all who live as a child today
doneitagain doneitagain
51-55, F
Jan 12, 2013