I Feel Like

i feel like, a fallen mirror, destroyed and shattered, smashed to peices like i don't even matter

i feel like, a totaled car no, no hope for anything just mangeled and scarred

i feel like, a wrecking ball, teaaring people down, no real reason im just a clown

i feel like, a broken record feeling the same way, waking up depressed everyday

i feel like, a sinking ship, pinned to the bottom, no coming up, only getting harder

i feel like, an addict, addicted to pain, cold-steel penetrating my brain

i feel like, a prisoner, trapped in life, everyday enduring turbalations and strife

i feel like, a door-knob everybody gets a turn, messing my life up but ill never learn

i feel like, a balloon ready to pop, screaming a the world leave me alone just stop

i feel like, a bullet tearing people apart, there is no stop cause theres only a start

i feel like, an animal unable to talk, locked in a cage, and left to stalk

i feel like, a pen roaming a maze, lost and confused, life is a daze

i feel like, a loaner who's never known love, always heard the words but it wasn't enough

i feel like, a trail stomped and old, always yelled at do what your told

i feel like, a flag blowing in the wind, in my own world, but gone in a whim

i feel like, a cup halfway full, never had enough to be considered cool

i feel like, a waved tossed in the ocean, not knowing my way, not knowing the motion

i feel like, a bull upset and mad, stuck in a world full of shame and sad

i feel like, a tree ready to fall, looking down at the world your all so, small
faithfullrecovery faithfullrecovery
22-25, M
Jan 13, 2013