A Missing Realization

u know i think im starting too realize the things i never knew
i never guessed no never sought the questioned answers never caught
the things i missed and start to see were starring right in front of me
its simple really very clear this redefining in the air
intangible or so obscure a mild void that i secured
and in the box i failed to see the object waiting i would need
until it grabbed me made it clear new attention loud and near
where every little thing made sense not logical but still the best
not quiet insane but still an odd this wonder treasure i had caught
such madness i would go to be jump up in down in such a plead
how marvelous at what i miss to look again and nothingness
and how id like to start again and look more pieces i would get
but with so many what id see is more then i would ever need
before it hit me dawn and clear believing still just makes it real
in faith ill find it redefine a lesson dark now brought to light
so i might be what it would show that honest truth that i would know
and on its wonder this i grasp that there are pieces in the past
in the deepest crevice place where nothing comes so there it stays
and when you find it would you then know the secret waiting to behold

ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
Jan 13, 2013