He told me he loved me
and he told me he cared,
but I knew something was wrong
by the way he stared.
He looked into my eyes
as he confessed from his heart.
He said,I love you so much,
but we're too far apart.
I could tell from his eyes,
this was hard for him to do.
He continued, I think we should break up,
but believe me, I'm still in love with you.
At that moment I felt my heart
drop down to my knees.
Tears began to swell in my eyes,
and he told me, Don't cry, please.
As I stood there in tears,
he held me tight.
I did not want to believe what was
happening on this night.
He told me again he still loves me,
and I replied with the same.
I felt my whole world crash,
and more tears came.
I was devastated and in shock,
and didn't know what to say.
Then he promised me we'd get back together
another time; another day.
He said this break up was temporary,
just while we're between miles.
He told me to stop crying,
but I couldn't even smile.
Through my tears I stared into his eyes,
as he stared into mine.
He asked me if I'd be okay.
I lied and said, I'll be fine.
To make matters worse,
it was time for him to go.
I felt he was walking out of my life,
so more tears began to flow.
He gave me one last kiss,
and told me goodbye.
But when he walked out that door,
I felt part of me die.
He said he didn't mean to hurt me,
though now it's too late.
I hope we get back together,
but I can't control fate.
I hate not being with him,
I hate how I feel.
But I know I still love him,
Always have, Always will
sweetnsassy27 sweetnsassy27
51-55, F
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i have lost my word after feeling you poem ...