You feel the quiet air around you.
Around the room everything is organized precisely.
You didn't want it to be this way, but you couldn't take
one more day.
Just to become a bigger disappointment in peoples eyes.
You think maybe if someone understood spoke out..
Stop there is no one to blame this time.
It was my choice and my life.
The one I took that night.
Sorely missed and slowly forgotten,
The note was torn slowly rotten.
They never understood why I took my precious life,
Instead of life I chose the knife,
I want the sorrow to stop and for it to end,
But i did nothing to help it descend.
I brought more sorrow upon everyone's life,
When instead of life I chose the knife.
Laying in silence body clod and lifeless,
The silence in the air is the most suffocating to your lungs,
Once you realize I took my life,
You will never know why instead of life, I chose the knife.
michaelanestheticx michaelanestheticx
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I have felt like this before... Your poem is quite exquisite.