For You I'll Exist

Its the emptiness that keeps me warm.
Not feeling anything makes me feel better.
Its the passion from hate that gives me strength.
Love is my weakness.

I don't want to feel anything.
So I won't.
But you push me.
You hurt me to feel love.

You don't know what your dealing with.
You haven't seen the beast inside.
I don't want you to.
You make me forget its there.

But when your gone it comes out.
Lust and rage.
Loneliness and pain.
And nothing.

The strongest feeling and the greatest.
Its nothing.
I long for nothing.
I yearn for non-existance.

But day after day you pull me back.
I don't think you know what you do.
Your just there.
And its gone.

Depression may be a state of mind.
But its one I can't escape.
The depression I feel is from lack of joy.
Not because I want it but because I don't.

To feel joy is to have felt pain before.
I don't want anymore pain.
I just want nothing.
Except you.

You give me pain so I can know joy.
Your the light in the dark.
You give my heart a reason to beat.
And for you I'll exist.
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Jan 17, 2013