Morbid I Can Be

so you want to hear a morbid new distorted little view
how i play a roll so well
and what i see is what you do
like a tiny little toddler tips the moderators hat
at a smile on the face but then a crooked little laugh
holding on to something precious
till i pluck it and i squeeze till the puss is flowing easy and i lick all of the grease
where i step into a mirror and undress the little peach have her rub it and then touch it
stop and stare until i'm weak
make a dream become a scene
and then a scene becomes a play
but i tie the actress up the torturer scene is on display
im a magical new battle between evil and the cruel
so i cut them up in pieces and then bury them with you
see i love this little trinket i have secrets in my pants wiggle just the way i like it till it squirts inside your hands
i was feasting on the weakling i was honest in the works
but i set the house on fire until all the children burned
yes im mostly so autistic that i grabbed my daddy's gun pointed at my baby brother blew his face to kingdom come
oh im smiling at the sighting what you could have ever seen
but i told you i was morbid so now cruel is nothing mean

ellision13 ellision13
22-25, M
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Hmm, what meds are you on? Sometimes specific meds can make you angry and violent. When I was on Prozac I was a total violent mess.

none this is how stuff is for me

Then maybe you need some meds.

why because i have a mind thats crazy

haha thats pretty morbid :P
but perry can be more morbid than you :P
btw perry is on my head :P