Impossible Love.

Taunt me dearest,
In morning light,
Call my name,
In darkest nights.

I'll feed you desire,
Like convincing lies,
To hold you close,
And resist goodbyes.

My breath is warm,
While I sing of debt,
Your eyes will sparkle,
Cheeks streak wet.

Entice me dearest,
Sigh and scream,
I'm not at all,
Of what I seem.

In passion and grief,
I have sunk so deep,
When the deed is done,
I will surely weep.

Beg me dearest,
For one last kiss,
Show me the wonders,
We both shall miss.

As your heart slows,
Don't fill with hate,
I had only come,
To lead your fate.

Impossible dearest,
The words I would say,
Yet you, a dying girl,
Swept her angel away.

*wasnt write by me*
Leo69Angel Leo69Angel
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Beautiful. Even if not by u