In The Mirror

I've had a realization,
I'm not allowed to have it all,
It's a combination of myself,
And luck that make me fall.

I can't just be happy,
Life won't ever give me the easy way,
I'm born from struggle,
And I fear my life will always be this way.

I'm caught in a moment,
Of impending destruction,
There's no eye in the storm,
Of my own self-destruction.

Why can't I take it easy on me?
Why can't life ever give me a break?
I just want to be happy, and to be with my girl,
I just want to be happy, and to be awake.

The fights are not helping,
The tears aren't worth shedding,
I don't like the path,
Down which I'm always heading.

I punched myself in the face,
Hoping to see clearer,
I stared at myself in disgrace,
Without enough pain in the mirror.

*a poem love to share NOT written by me*
Leo69Angel Leo69Angel
22-25, M
Jan 19, 2013