God Is There

God is right there with us
Whether things are good or bad
Cheering us on
Or drying our tears

He hears us when
We cry out
confused on what
to do
He knows when we feel lonely
Feel pain or
Need a friend
HIs spirit ministers to us
Strengthing us from within

No matter if it is day
Or night
I know He will
Be there
Holding me in His
loving arms
Keeping me from fear
doneitagain doneitagain
51-55, F
4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You are welcome.I hope Dash is doing well.

WE still need to pray for him, it is his only chance. Thank yo for your kindness

Your words hit very close to home for me today, Thank You

I'm glad you liked it like many of my poems it went through revisions when I sought to copy it on here.

it's perfect :)

Really well writen and so moving. It is true that He gives us strength often allows us to rise above ourselves, but if we climb so high it's because we are on His shoulders.