A Poem About Rape.

Hi guys,
I wanted to get some feedback of a poem that I created about a victim of rape. If I could get your warm and cool feedback for the poem that I will put in a book that would be great!


The thing how it grows inside
The only thing I despise
It don’t know why it’s alive

Inside of me I’m dead
This thing--it’s existence I dread
Instead of it breathing, I want to kill it instead

For I didn’t make this thing with love
Nor decide to; this is the thing I want to be free of

I know a way to kill it
I would do anything, I must admit
What if it looks like the man who commit
The murder who killed my soul
I no longer look at anyone the same anymore

Youthful eyes are dark now
If I keep this thing that I despise
I will forever remember

His rough dirty hands rubbing my breasts
To his sweaty body rubbing against mine
In my mind all I was crying out was “This isn't love”
For it was rape

This thing in me needs to be destroyed
Needs to die like I did
For it is not a baby, its the monster he created that is now in me.

Now silence is all I have
My innocence is all gone
I have nothing left in me--I’m empty.
Andreadre Andreadre
Jan 22, 2013