I Am Who I Am

I may not have been born in a golden blanket
Or have the beauty of Mona Lisa
But the things I have seen
And what I have felt
And didn’t feel
Are what have made me who I am,
I am who I am.

People may judge
And criticize and even shove
Yet I remain unchanged
I fight to stay myself
When I live in a world of disagreement
People can’t take away my soul
Or my heart
I am who I am.

My world may not be perfect
I sometimes fall right onto my face
I sin yet am forgiven
And try to do better despite this
Yet people will hate
And act with utter disgust
I am loved by Jesus
And despite my imperfections and faults
I am who I am.

-A. Sekelsky
animallover110293 animallover110293
22-25, F
Jan 28, 2013