I Just Made This Up....it Sucks

My poetry i tried to share

But it seems i have no talent there

And so i write to share my views

And occaionally to amuse


Perhaps someday i'll shock myself

Find words upon my mental shelf

That will make someone stop and say

Why can't i write a poem this way?


But till that day i'll read your rhyme

And patiently i'll bide my time

For i may not be extremely smart

But the words i write come from my heart


ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I like it.. easy to read, eloquent, yet not too 'wordy'.

thanks Chris but its really not very good especially when compared to some of the other stuff written here. i don't think its bad though for 15 minutes of effort LOL

Na... That's pretty good...