We Are Never Promised Tomorrow

each day we have here is one we borrow

for we are never promised tomorrow

we should live each day doing the best we can

it all will go according to his plan

we have free will thats very true

so its up to you what will you do?

I will try to live each day

in a very loving way

for I think that we are here for each other

we're here to share our support with one another

for we do not know how long we've got

in just one day things can change alot

some of our days will be filled with sorrow

cause no one here is promised tomorrow

some of our days will be filled with joy

like a child playing with Christmas a toy

we need to reach out with comfort and cheer

and help each other each day we are here

For its our job to love each other

our good works are all we take from one life to another

we must help each other every day

there really is no other way

remember each day we are here is one we borrow

and we are never promised tomorrow

so give a friend a hug today

you may find that they decide to stay

in your life each and every day

for those that have passed we should pray

for those that are here

we should cheer

we get a chance most every day

to help someone in some small way

so please help a friend for me today

remember each day we're here we have borrowed

and we are never promised tomorrow....

SantanaRex SantanaRex
46-50, M
6 Responses Feb 24, 2009

yes - I have a few of them on here. Glad you liked it

Very good poem, is that yours?

but than she began to think<br />
and knew the pain was not hers<br />
its what happened in the past <br />
a dip in the road<br />
so up she drove<br />
and snagged a bunch of happy memories<br />
that had almost been left behind as weeds<br />
carreening down the road she drove<br />
a small smile grew<br />
as the happier memories, almost lost, began to flow

Snagged on the clouds of memory<br />
thundering in her head<br />
she drove herself recklessly<br />
wishing she could find a river<br />
where, soothed by its murmur,<br />
she could rip her brain out, like a weed,<br />
and let it sink.

down the road like a storm she drove<br />
oblivious to the path she left behind<br />
up another hill she drove<br />
and snagged another cloud, <br />
and ripped it, like a weed, from the sky<br />
and ever onwards she drove<br />
the sound of thunder <br />
echoing behind her.

Oblivion<br />
As she passed through a brewing storm once<br />
Her car antenna snagged a cloud<br />
And ripped it, like a weed, from the sky.<br />
She never even noticed<br />
Even though lightning trailed from her bumper<br />
Like a string of tin cans<br />
Beating thunder against the asphalt.