The Worm Hole

How many hours days weeks years

Havi chosen to live in fear

How long have i been blind

And was it by choice

That i stayed ignorant to my lies

How many bottles

How many pills

How many scars

And how many deals

Have torn from my heart

Precious purity and light

Have torn from my mind

valuable sanity and sight

And now when i choose to stop

I cant breath

I cant imagine a life without these

The skys dont shine and the grass isnt green

I want for one more time to feel that free

But i can feel there poisin running through my vains

And i know its only them that brings me to these pains

Its a worm hole and you cant climb back through

once your in that old lifes over for you

Youll never see the world the same

Everything comes to life with a new name

Youve never seen a rainbow untill youve seen it like that

And you never knew life, Untill you know that it wont come back

lvtd lvtd
Feb 25, 2009