Shattered bits,
And broken pieces,
Fall into cracks crevasses and creases,

Flickering light,
In darkened spaces,
Illuminate not these forsaken places,

Hope is failing,
The heart slows its pounding,
Apocalypse rising trumpets sounding,

Sunlight twilight
My darkest days,
May my hollow casket fill empty graves,

Madness of sadness
Struggle in torment
My stars have fallen their wishes long spent,

Never-ending bleeding
An eternity of cries
From the tongue in my mouth flows never-ending lies,

Signed in blood the spell has been cast,
So mote this shall be,
This blissful damnation my prison cell and forever so shall it be.
LovingDead LovingDead
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014