Memories of An Old Addiction

im the addict
but your addicted to me
blinded by your misery
when i whisper
oh how you scream
when im perfect
you think im flawed
and when im me
you think im not
when im right
you think im wrong
you dont know me
amd what you know
lets pretend im not

im not the things that you see
not the things you wanted me to be
im the things that you hate most
you cant turn away from me
your too afraid of what youll see
this isnt the end for you
but the beging to start a new
i wont be there to comfort you
but i can promise u will live on
to be addicted to another one
and maybey some day some how
youll be an addict just like me
and find somone to fill your need

lvtd lvtd
2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

thank you so much that means alot to me

wow....its a great poem...