im tired of lies
im tired of ignorance
im tired of the blissful youth
who will never know the truth
im tired of people
who look down on me for age
im sik of people who say there tired of the same old thing
day after day
and do nothing to effect change
im tired of hipocracy
im no diffrent from you
you sin i sin
but i know the f****** truth
were all the same
we bleed the same blood
we do the same things
but i dnt pretend to be
as pure as fresh fallen snow
im a sinner
im a lier
watch me grow
but i effect change
i make a diifrence in this world
the only diffrence between me and you
i speak truth

lvtd lvtd
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

awesome words,I would like to add you to my circle if you would be my friend. your words moved my soul, to all our relations, well sweet Light and Love unite in the scared fire of the heart, come God ,Goddess and reunite the spark of delight, in your childrens desires of their herats,