Carpe Diem

here i am

now im me

but this light isnt what i expected to be

weres my heart

weres my power

were in the night is my special hour

that mirror lies

so i look away

if i hide my eyes maybey i wont see the pain

my bodys dying

my loved ones crying

i dont remmber how i left that party

dont remeber if i was nice or naughty

i hate me

i hate this

i cry and moan

and throw a fit

how did this happen

whod i become

and manm oh man all these drugs

whos that monster

i call it a firend

wont go away till he has his end

im killing my self day by day

dying slowly in so much pain

one more drink

one more hit

one more pill

i can take it

i dont need sleep ill live forever

i dont need life i got something better

live for the moment

sieze the day

but dont forget how they fade

moment by moment they slip away

now i sit here by myself

so alone i got noone else

i look in my eyes and i can not hide

all the pain i tried to leave behind

now i wallow in this pain

look back at that monster every day

and i know were not the same

i am me now he is he

and never agian will he conquer me

lvtd lvtd
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

im still trying to find the strength sometimes it eludes me

So wonderful... so true... so sad ... just wow!