This Is a Bad Poem But It Means Alot to Me

i want your eyes

i want your lips

i want your soft caress and kiss

i want that feeling you leave behind

i want your pain and your mind

i want taht feeling you leave on my skin

i want that smell lingering on your breath

i want something more tahn whats left

ill give you my soul my heart my body

take cnontrol and save me

no one can inslave me

but i made the cage

i gave you the key

all i want is you and me

my heart crys for all your love

but my body betrays that trust

theres nothing more

and yet there is

something wrong

been placed amiss

take me back

take me home

wrap me up

and leave me alone

strake my hair kiss my neck

tell me im missed

show me you want me so i wont go astray

but its not your burden to control me everyday

im sorry im not more and niether are you

im sorry ive been wrong

lets start a new

there nothing else no one else and this time its true

there only the love between me and you


lvtd lvtd
Mar 14, 2009