My Thoughts

I won't to be the best i can be, see me,herar me,know me. Look into my heart -beat-beat-beat. Open the door to my heart. I see the tree above me.  Pain pain go away- not to go and come to stay. Why,why,why am i me???? My thoughts are raceing - my feet are paceing. I sit and hide lord be my guide. Show me,teach me, heal me. Help me to except the things i can not change. My favorite place i always see,  where i can sit and always be me. Where my eyes look to  HEAVEN above to see the beautifull white dove. One,two three tickle me, four five six i'm in a fix, seven eight nine please be kind. I sit and ponder how far i will wonder. ---P.S. these words came to me, so i wrote them for all to read.

dayandnight dayandnight
51-55, F
Mar 15, 2009