That Day...

The moment I saw your face
I knew that you're the one
still don't know where to go
or where I'm coming from
but your face is all I see
and my way leads to you
throught land or across the sea
I know we'll make it through
In your eyes I can see 
a promise for a life
together you and me 
and I feel so alive
I don't know what happened to me
like I've never loved before
I want you here with me 
every day, week and more
In the days and nights
you never leave my mind
I jump, I laugh, I smile 
I'm feeling like a child

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

That would be my ex-girlfriend... still I really don't write for anyone special... sometimes someone I just see or happen to talk to may inspire me to write something... if you know what I mean...