Woke Up This Morning

I woke up this morning and your memories faded away
I tried to remember, but these memories refuse to stay
So I went a long leading a very peaceful day
As my hopes and wishes were that you be okay
I opened my window and smelled the morning air
And I wondered how would it be if u were there
Then I remembered all the time u could but u let go
I breathe in and hold it coz my way's right I know
Our ways were meat to part coz you never gave your heart
For you I was an inconvenience all the way from the start
I just hope one day you wake up and make up your mind
To open your heart forget your sorrow and love you'll find
But I know for sure that day's very far
Not weeks not months but years there are
For you to find your way, your rythm your path
To get over your pain and make peace with past
You're just a baby in the form of a woman
As long as u're so you won't find a man
I accepted these facts and made up my mind
To let you go, live, and yourself find
For no one can make that journey but you
And with patience and hope u'll make it thru
Pick yourself up and face Life 
And maybe one day you make good a wife

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

New Hippy what you wrote is wonderful and really gr8 it's a little bit what I'm doing and how I'm living my life ... we share the same ideals and views about life... I'm sharing something I wrote long ago ... wait:)

Well lunalibera I stayed with this woman for 16 months just coz I was trying to help her grow up so that we may have a mature relation.... but she's stubborn and I ended up becoming frustrated , depressed and I kinda lost my way in life... I was no longer the man I used to be coz I kinda forgot myself tryna help her... anw if you read my blog and my story in I am new to EP you'll understand more the idea of this poem...<br />
<br />
it's one of my best poems I admit it :)

I don't want to live<br />
unless I know I am alive<br />
to end up a body<br />
with nothing inside<br />
I am here to exist<br />
not just to survive<br />
<br />
we get only one chance<br />
at living this life<br />
we should learn to enjoy it<br />
not surround it in strife<br />
<br />
the most precious gift<br />
that anyone does own<br />
often ends up wasted<br />
or to not be ones own<br />
<br />
try not to live on regrets<br />
remember always<br />
nothing is impossible to do<br />
to turn your thoughts into actions<br />
is always controlled by you<br />
<br />
to live is to be alive<br />
appreciate and realise<br />
that every second counts<br />
<br />
life has no colour<br />
no enemies<br />
no friends<br />
every life a beginning<br />
every life an end<br />
<br />
try not to be selfish<br />
in what you say and do<br />
realise the way you act<br />
has its consequences too<br />
<br />
learn to put others before yourself<br />
life is not measured against wealth<br />
it is not measured by amount<br />
realise that your actions add up<br />
to them who truly count<br />
<br />
to think is to be in control<br />
to make the right choice<br />
is to keep clean the soul<br />
never be pressured<br />
never be misled<br />
learn to respect<br />
not just to expect<br />
<br />
life is not about how much you can get<br />
take only what you need<br />
give what you can<br />
to lie is to remain the child<br />
to be honest to become the man<br />
<br />
enjoy always the life you choose<br />
do not allow others to make you confused<br />
realise it is your life<br />
you have too much to lose

Maybe you could help her discover herself? It could be very hard for her on her own...but I still like your poem, it sounds excellent!