Men, No....stupid Boys

every one of you sees me as a piece of meat

your smooth sweet talk bowing at my feet

let me feel incontrol so you can take it away

pretend to be a friend then turn me into prey

ive fallen for the last time

im tired of standing back up

you knock me down and steel my trust

how could you treat me like every other girl

when we had something so real

you were a friend so important to me

but you took advantage and i couldnt believe

how could i be so blind so nieve

but its my fault to

looseing control giving up to you

i love him ill never love you

but thats not what you want

you came for my body not my soul

you came to feel in control

well i hope your happy all of you

i love him

so **** you

leave me alone

im not another bimbo who gives it up

im a girl in love who has lost all her trust

friends yeah right

youll get a little friendlier when day turns night

im glad i know the game now

cuz i dont want to play

try it agian and youll be the one to pay



lvtd lvtd
Mar 16, 2009