I Have a Home

I have a home in ur eyes
I have a home in your heart
A home free from cries 
And will never fall apart
My home is you
Your home is me
I live for you
You live for me
We live for one another
In a home like no other
Where love exists alone
Where lies and hate are gone
To a non return 
And in hell to burn
coz our love was born 
Where lies and hate were torn
On a rock our house we build
Filled with passion empty of guilt
filled with hope and pray
Stronger day by day
hoping that a castle it becomes
Where the king waits
Till his queen comes 
To open the gates
To let her come inside 
And reign by his side
Reign over their world
Defies description in words
But is spreading everywhere
Between their hearts like the air
Carrying them higher
Setting their hearts on fire
Inside them burning 
With a tender flame
And their world turning 
Into the sweetest game
The game of love and purity
The game lasting for eternity
Till ever and a day
Love is in the way

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

anytime :)