When god created earth
He did it for love
When women give birth
They do it for love 
When men get united 
They get united by love
When peace reigns on earth
It will reign with love
When I think about u
I think about ur love
When I talk to you baby
I know I'm in love
When I pray to God
I pray for our love
When I sleep  at night 
I dream of our love
When I close my eyes
I feel your love
When I feel high
I know it's love
When I can't sleep at night
I can't sleep from love
When I can't stop loving you
I believe I'll always be in love  

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
9 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I love and I love love by itself that's basically why I write about love a lot...

I'm not macho I'm a very tender person and I am extremely honest to the point of being rude :) I left you a message in your inbox as well...

Aha, that was funny. Make sure to email me more poems; I'll read all of them.<br />
You're sweet and sound very macho. :)

well it's a funny story... my nickname is pepperony like the ones that go on pizzas and all but I was typing in a hurry and it came out pepeprony. and I donno how to repair it without losing my account :) <br />
<br />
And thank you for your compliments about my poetry it's the first time I publish anything... I'm happy someone likes them ... plz recomend them to your circle like this I get more comments and I improve my skills :)<br />
<br />
thank you

You're a great writer and I'm not done reading all of your work yet. It's funny, here I am studying for my midterms and I'm reading your poetry. They are really nice.<br />
I'm just curious, so I'm going to ask straight away, is your user name significant in anyway, I don't understand it. You probably don't understand my user name, but pepeprony sounds much more exciting. this is an innocent question.

I think every person needs love... either they talk about it or not! I study too and I'm finishing my masters degree in software engineering. But studying and feeling love and thinking about love do not conflict since they are two different areas I think :) <br />
<br />
I like the fact that you like to read poetry at least I know I'm not writing in vain :)

I probably don't think like how you think. I think constantly about studying for my classes (i'm in college). I don't have time to think about love but it seems like something I should do . I know, I'm boring but I like to read poetry, something we have in common at least :)

When I'm in the mood yes.. I am a very sentimental person :) <br />
as u can see these are old writings but I felt like sharing them before they end up in my archive :) <br />
and you what do you think about all day?? :)

Is love all you think about all day?