When I sit by myself

Thinking of my life

I find myself so small

Just like nothing at all

Like a particle of sand

In a desert with no end

Where everything is in change

Where nothing should be strange

Where you learn to expect

What nothing can reflect

Or even can imply

In a place where you just fly

At a time you’ll never try

To know when it’s coming

To be able to begin running

Away from the darkness

Where the mean and heartless

Push you of their way

Like furious winds

Drifting dunes away

Like a grinder which grinds

The good spots in its way

To wash the bad ones away

This desert that I am in

Is the desert of sin

Where good particles dissolve

As badness and cruelty evolve

In a way which kills

The light a good seed fills

To light up this darkness of death

But finds itself out of breath

Suffocating the wildness

Suffering from blindness

Without a blind man’s stick

It finds itself so sick

Falling down from a roof

To a place where there’s no proof

Of what there’s around

When searching for the ground

The ground of love

An awesome white dove

That takes your heart

Makes it happy for days

Then tears it apart

Pulling it in so many ways

That it feels so bad

That you almost go mad

But still control yourself

Pretend you’re happy with a laugh

Inside you find no happiness

You find only bad stuff

That you keep in there

And pretend not to care

But they really burn inside

Killing you from inside out

You get them out of your mind

In fact they take you out

They take you down

They let you drown

Into lots of tears

Kept through all these years

Creating oceans crumbling with fear

Sucking you deeper with every other tear

You keep inside your eyes

When you tell everyone lies

When you tell them you are happy

When you feel sad

And tell them you’re not angry

When you’re really mad

And so the story of life ends

When you’re out of friends

When nobody cares

When nobody dares

To tell what they really feel

To believe that feelings are real

To go deeper and reach you inside

To seek and see your other side

The other side where lies

The person you really are

Making some tries

To shine like a star

In the sky of the one

To whom his love begun

For a little place

To live in grace

To search in her heart

All the way from the start


pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thank you all you donno how happy I am to hear all these compliments... I'm kinda speechless now ... thank you from all my heart I hope to keep it up :) and give u much more...<br />
<br />
P.S: I have also posted some stories in I Am a writer check them up as well :)

I'm glad you like what I have to say ... :D

Bravo, Bravo! Say more please, you are so poetic and passionate and a little sinful I have to say. Say more.