She Turned Her Eyes

She turned her eyes
She turned her face
In the other way 
To another place
She turned away, away from me 
Then said I love u can't you see?
Can't u feel the tears I cried? 
For many years are u blind?
I said I felt u before
But I believe in love no more
If u know what love is about
Tell me but please don't shout
Love is pain but never joy
Love is nothing but a toy
A toy a game it's such a shame 
But love is no more to blame
It's the hearts which are like a stone
Who never let ur heart be alone
Who don't care for what u feel 
Whenever u're in love they say get real
Love was reality but now is gone
So please forget and keep going on
Our lives will never be the same 
Because love has played its game
To turn our lives into misery
This is truth and not a mistery
I would have loved long time ago
But now i'm broken please just go
And she turned her eyes 
She turned her face
In the other way
To another place
She turned away away from me 
She said now I know that u see

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

it's not about the people on your mind ... actually I wrote this in 2004 :D:D relax I won't write that for such people they don't even deserve it ... sry...

oh she's turned away alright, but she'll never move on ! what a shame...

I wrote this poem long ago and I was kinda beginner but tell me physicalwreck my mistakes and I can fix them and learn on the way :D thank you I'm really shy about all this...