Few of the Poems I Have Written

Finding my Way.

I need help to find my way

Which way to go and how far

To have something in life

That is worth fighting for

Tell me please which way to go

Give me patients to go slow

I don’t want to wait or be late

Or miss the closing of the gate

So tell me please which road to take

That will take me where I need to be

Because the roads are long and hard

I just want to take the right road

Not the one that leads to heartache

But the road to a life I don’t want to forsake

Take me there so I can see

If that is the place I want to be.

Help give me courage to do what I can

To follow on with my life with God’s plan

When times are hard and I cannot find my way

Help me sweet Jesus to go on my way

And find out where I should be today.

By.....Vickie S(dolphinsangel)



Forever Looking

Trying to find my way
What more can I say
Each day I try to find
A little  peace of mind
I look here I look there
I cannot find it anywhere.
I hope I can find something
That will make my life worth living
Forever looking in life I am seeking
To find one reason for keeping
My reason for dreaming
Of better days and better nights
Just need to know that there is hope in sight
Forever looking forever hoping
To find my way to a better day.
By, Vickie S.


When and How.

What do you do when you are feeling so blue
What do you do when you are all alone
How do you know when to begin again
What can you do when you feel its the end
How do you know when its time to go home
How do you know whats right or wrong
How do I tell which way to go
How do I know if i am going to slow
How to find the answer I seek
When my heart and soul is so weak
Why do I feel so lost and alone
Where to turn to for comfprt from my pain
If there is a God in heaven above
I need to feel his compassion and love
My brain tells me one thing
My heart tells another
How long will it take for me to recover
Back the hope and faith and
Back to my Lords saving grace.

Vickie S.

dolphinsangel dolphinsangel
51-55, F
Mar 18, 2009