Midnight Passed Hours Ago

midnight passed hours ago

silent, unnoticed

it crept by

soon the sun will rise

clouded by fog

and it too will go unnoticed

at noon the shades will have been drawn

and the midday sun will sink

while i sit here


from the dust and the heat

from dusks dark tendrils and growing shadows

from families coming home after a long days work

from neighbors waving as they pull into driveways

from the midnights that will pass


while i go unnoticed

eyes eyes
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Sometimes, yes, it feels like I need to be protected from everything. But the real thought here was that the "protection" wasn't worth the price - the absolute removal from life, from time.

I really like this intense piece. You come across as isolated, vulnera ble, lonely and out of touch with the world and yet wanting to reach out- and yes the sense of time slowly passing...Have been in this position several times myself, but the worse was waiting and then having back surgery. You feel understands. I'm glad that at least you have E.P. Message me when you want to. Love Banner x

i've been stuck in my house for a month now, with very few opportunities to leave (post surgery recovery)<br />
<br />
I was bored, realized I had completely lost my concept of time, and this happened.