Never Let Go Unless It Kills You

I still know ever line

every freckle

every wrinkle on your face

in your eyes i see a spirit

a twinkle in its place

i still know your touch and your taste

i can see your movement coming from a mile away

but ive forgotten what it felt like

to look into those eyes and feel the same

you yell and i cry

happy thought have fled my mind

i set a crown apon your head

wieghted with wishes and dreams

now i am shakled to you by all my misery

i want the future that we planned

the promises we made

but the longer i stay my heart withers away

You didnt change your not to blame

i grew into a new form of me

diffrent but the same

at the core of the mean

but you and i

have changed

we grew apart

and theres nothg left here for me

our house on the parrie with a white picket fence

burns red hot in my defence

our children are screaming and crying inside

and as we say good bye

our dreams slowly die

but ill have new ones just as you

i hope im more careful

when all this is through


lvtd lvtd
Mar 19, 2009