Just a Few Short Poems I Wrote

making me think of you

this song

this word

 this name

i jump to hear you voice

jump at the sound of you voice

everything reminds me of you

but dosn't remind me i hate you

 you hold me close

look into my eyes

push my hair back

wisper i love you

kiss away the tears

that are streaming down my face

and then ....

i wake up ready for

my opposite dream

 blood and tears

turn clear red on the cement

all alone

fell too hard this time

my knife of love

undid the stiches

newly put in

to heal my heart again

you say don't kill yourself

each time you leave

jokingly of course

but you don't know

just how close i come

to leaving you behind

don't die

KittyCat08 KittyCat08
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

each poem starts at the picture