Last Night

While laying near you in our bed, while you sleep so peacefully

Under the sage cotton sheets

your leg is placed so gently over mine

I feel your heart beat

Piter patter, pitter patter

It reminds me of rain drops hitting the window ceil

Your heart beats faster as I place my hand on your chest

Your breathing starts to get irregular as I press my body up next to yours

I then take my had and place it on your face and kiss your lips ever so gently to pull you away from your nightly dreams

My hand floats over your chest touching all of the uncovered inches

While working my hands down as we continue to kiss

Your kiss has always taken me away

Back to a paradise where we've visted once before

Just to find ourselves on a pink sandy beach with the crystal blue water hitting the rocks on shore

Our bodies are bodies are one in this blissful moment

Where the beauty and peace enter our bedroom as the night passes us by

When night becomes morning and we are waken by the warm shinning sun

And all my dreams that I have ever had came true that night in each others arms where we both belong

jsml965 jsml965
22-25, F
Mar 20, 2009