In a Glimpse

Breathing Deeper I enter My soul

I search for light but find nothing at all

I looked for the truth about the man I am

Yet no trace of that special man

I dive deeper tryna reach the essence

Trying to learn from my life's lessons

I close my eyes, my past flashes by

Everything, my love, my joy, my cry!

All that time, all these faces

All These people in many places

A tear runs down on my cheek

For all the times when I was weak

And I breath out again in relief

My memories remind me of all I believe

Reborn. Stronger and bolder I become

Ready to face the days that will come

In a glimpse, I was back to being me

Back to life so wild and free...



Love and peace for all...

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
9 Responses Mar 20, 2009 write when it's the right time...words can't be forced out in the wrong moment or it will not feel right. I love your poems and encourage you to write some more. Your poems are not just pieces of's a song, it's spirit, love, friendship, passion...It's alive and that's wat makes ur poems so unique.

Thank you I will... But seems my mind's not helping :(

Thank you dear.... you are beautiful!!!

Beautiful Pepperony! Thanks for sharing this!

HAHAHA yeah and then I'm caught up between going along while pretending to be serious or explaining it was a joke which is so lame ... :P :D

I kinda have a twisted sense of humor when it comes to criticizing myself :P

seems like you found it after all :D I'm glad to hear from you and thank you... you donno how happy I feel to know that what I write has a value .... and not just a bunch of papers that will end up in some dump... :)

Thank you dear... you are a wonderful friend :)

Beautiful. Write some more please!!!!!<br />
Pepperoni, you're so magical....<br />
Love from Heidi