when the sun shines

it shines to oblivion

when darkness falls

it falls to emptyness

i spend life

seeking out a love

as elusive

as as the sulking dove

in the vast skys of my mind

loked by gates

of all i left behind

darkness fell

and i lost it all

for a fleeting moment

to stand tall

i forgot all fondations

must be laid

before your life

can start agian

it wasnt surprising

how it all became

i lusted after ignorance

that was slain

darkness cant live

so long as theres a speck of light

but it thrives

in the coldest nights

you see you cant have

what you destroy

i play with life like a childs toy

you can build apon whats fallen

but you cant build it the same

once its gone it wont come back agian

our flesh crawls with greed i know

and it takes more than will power to control

we are human filled with sin

but if we all have even a speck of light

we can begin

to live agian

lvtd lvtd
Mar 22, 2009