"Little One"

oh dear little one

show me what youve become

oh sweet little one

whered all that hate come from

oh precious child

sweet soft heart of mine

how could it be

your eyes are filled with potential

but they never said for what

how can it be

that this is what youve become

sweet innocence

mother mary save

let me take your blame

let me take the wieght

pass me the crown

and ill save you from vingeful fate

little beauty dont you fret

dont you know all things can be fixed

oh darling dont you know

theres no were i wouldnt go

no limit to push me to

no way id forget you

oh dear little one

go seek out what your meant to become

oh sweet little one

go filled with my love

know im always there

to catch you when you fall

stand tall be brave

and just dont make me fall to hard one day



lvtd lvtd
Mar 22, 2009