Till It All Falls Down

we came this far

and we were told

that theres a pot of gold

at the end of the rainbow

but all i see for miles is desolation and distruction

suffering and pain

so weres the fairy tale ending you all instilled

in the feeble mind of the child

who you told it woud be alright

happily ever after is how we all go out right

look in her eyes and tell her agian

while she sleeps on the street without a single friend

tell her prince charming is on his way

as she looks up at the man who pays for her pain

tell her santas looking out and hes coming soon

while all she wishes for is just a litte food

every good girl gets a castle and crown

she was told and she obeyed

grew up well never asked when shed be paid her dues

worked hard whithout any gain

i hope you were there when that light left her eyes

and if you werent let me tel you how she fell to her demise

she watched her loved ones die without a cause

watched her life head for a cliff but the wheels fell off

the sparkle and the shine she eminated to the world

snuffed out when it came time to pay the bills

now she hits the bottem and takes to the bottle

slowly ease the pain

now she curses the world that made her dream

because she looks in the mirror and sees all shell never be

dont tell the chidren life is fair

tell them to be ready when **** heads south

teach them how to live when the bottom falls out

prince charming wont always show up

so dads teach your daughters how to shoot a gun

its a sad sad world

that weve made up

and its the next generation that will have t pay

and the next and the next

till the end of days





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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

thank you !!

Wow, I agree completely!!!! I love this poem you are very talented and I am loving the fact that you tell it like it is, it's unfortunate for those of us who do not find the better days we were promised would be ahead of our long painful narrow path that has no exit's or alternative routes.... Push on and never stop moving forward, if your going threw hell keep going, dont stop no matter how your soul cries from the achening within. Keep going keep moving or let the darkness of yesterdays broken promises swallow you completely, says I, one poet to another!!