Truth Now

im grinding my teeth

rocking on the balls of my feet

i watch a tragedy play out for you and me

im crying out for help

i look skyward and i look down

but noone wants to hear

the birth of there greates fear

im pleading with my kin

relenquish all your sin

and learn to see

its not about religion

its not about whos who

the day is coming soon

when youll learn

nothings about you

open up your eyes

im trying to help heal the blind

see through the lies and learn to live

if you belive in freedom if you belive in love

then open your mind for once

and see whats truly above

there is no greater power

im sorry if you disagree

but the force of human life and souls

that im blessed to say i feel around me

together we ore one

enough to conquer anything

but seperated were nothing and thats all well ever be

if you ever questioned power or greter athority

then my friend its time for you to see

from north to south

east to west

youll hear my war cry

all i want is the best

if you hear a whisper in the wind it the truth seekers reaching out for more

and if you feel the pull then chant along

truth now truth now

truth now truth now

truth now truth now

because theres no point in living unless your free

and none can make a change till all belive

lvtd lvtd
Mar 24, 2009