Trapped In the Insanity of Your "Love" For Me.







I sit outside and listen as the thunder voices the secret anger that lies deep within my soul.


I laugh out loud, because no one else can translate our code.


I stand and walk out into the heavy rain,

As if it were callin my name.

My clothes become heavy and stick to me,

Like memories from the past,

And the only thought on my mind is,

How long will this rain last!

I look up to the sky,

As if staring into its deep gray eyes.

The rain falls and continues to mock

the way I cry.

As I scream out loud....




Lightning flashes in front of me

Revealing my true identity,


I fall drunkenly onto the ground

Covered in a thick guilty like

gritty dark mud

I crawl my way towards

the welcome home rug

you open the door with a beckoning smile

the glow in your eyes

shinning like a proud lighthouse

as you throw out your arms like chains of pity towards me

i quickly grab ahold desperately

you suffocate me in your embrace while you insist

that there's no better place for me to be.

ThaLonelyStoner ThaLonelyStoner
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

yes it is!

Thank you!

I love poetry too,<br />
<br />
Blue skies the winds and waves,come go with me,<br />
I'll take you,to these places,<br />
You will not only see these,but happy faces,<br />
We'll ride on cotton clouds and sing our song of love so loud,<br />
we'll make love with only a flower in our hair,remember we have no cares,<br />
We will close the door to the sandy shore,<br />
We will live forever you and I,we have found our home.<br />
in the deep blue sky,<br />
We will tell the world of our love and fly away as snow white doves.<br />
<br />
Potery, brings out the feelings we have that lie deep with in our very being.To understand what we are talking about is something that only few have used,it is a gifted treasure.I love that world that takes me to far away places.You are blessed to have that valued gift!