13 Shades of Life

 Yearning: Oh what is it that calls to my soul?  What is it that speaks my first and last initial of my secret name? How can one feed such an endless hunger?

 Beauty: How does one draw in an appealed eye? Never such lovely essence has drawn me in deep, and feels it will never cause me to leave.  Oh such essence, alas, it is only essence…

 Desire: What I want and must have will always be, missing yet here at once.  Must I have, what I cannot have, yet need to have what I can have?

 Fear: From everything I will and have done, all that will never happen and all that have tremor the stratosphere of my heart, the unknown covers and ensnares my mind, and to sleep goes my courage.

 Lost Hope: All that I have accomplished is minimum, and non-existing. Problems that are endless remain endless in solution.  Only the empty side exists in every shade of society.

 Adventure: Challenges and new experiences that live off the risks that create face to my deeds.  Puzzles, and stunts which can only awaken me and fuel my seeking spirit.  New knowledge that can be achieved only through bravery and actions become my goals of my endless determination.

 Optimism: What cannot happen has happen and will happen.  I will move forward in the threshold of turbulence and war. What is bad is truthfully good, that in which is empty is really full although, sometimes transparent.

 Compassion: For those who feel my suffering will know that I have already felt theirs.  Their thoughts become one, their emotions become one, and their pain becomes one with mine.  The remedy has only started.

 Ignorance: What if I could judge what I do not know?  How can I un-judge what I cannot know?  Does it exist even if I do not know its existence?  Such loose and hidden facts are absent from my mind, eyes, ears, and hands.  What I do not know may influence my actions.

 Passion: Love is only projected if an Idea is alive.  My strong emotions and actions are spoken and led by Idea.  Languages of all forms radiate the sacred relationship.  Strength is then controlled by the relationship of Idea and Love.

 Abode:  Where does one call the safe walls of calmness and the harmony of spirits?  To home is where I reach peace, and satisfaction.  To home is where I reach after many trials and turbulence, the only resting place for me, the slow eye of a storm.

 Memory: I remember what I do not know; I know what I never remember.  Memories fuse as they fade; facts are as real as shadows of a dream locked by a bias mind.

 Fulfillment: That eternal puzzle the riddle of all minds, never a concrete name, is lifted by wisdom but never defined. Such a cryptic message covered by paradox yet all minds yearn it.  The road to fulfillment never can lead to a final destination of my travels. 

By the many shades of life, a pattern is formed.

Azoru Azoru
Mar 26, 2009