The Alien

Looked down on, spat at, scorned and despised.  

An utter failure in everyones' eyes.

The lowest creature to walk this earth,

Oh pity the mother who suffered it's birth.

It's 'different', it knows, not like the rest

Time after time it fails the test.

Stupid, ugly, a waste of our space,

How can it be part of the human race?

But it feels, it knows, it hurts, it cares,

It's ever aware of the sneers and the stares.

In front of a mirror it stands for so long

DESPERATELY trying to make right the wrong.

But try as it might it will not succeed.

It's here on this earth to hurt and to bleed.

"Oh alien, alien, how sad - but I see

There may be other aliens ..... like me.

mandyclaire mandyclaire
Mar 27, 2009