Lonely In a Crowd

I'm surrounded by people having a good time

And I try to have a good time

At least look the part

But I'm Charlie Brown

And everyone’s speaking


And I don't understand or care

What they're saying

Because I'm in my mind somewhere

Under the sky

Mouth open wide

Catching fat acid snowflakes

On my tongue

Because it's real.

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29 Responses Oct 10, 2007

Not bad. Nothing profound, but it is "real". I feel that way all the time... definitely plucks at my emotions.:)

I really enjoyed your poem. I've felt the same way before.

wow. awesome!

How many times have I not felt that way!

I can relate to this . Really good btw (:

very nice poem,i like the images,i feel like that sometimes:)

i think that it was a poem. and if not good i don't ever read it. I read it and the ending can be modified...to suit you more I think :)

This poem is a little beat okey. Keep it up. Because that was a nice try.

This poem is a little beat okey. Keep it up. Because that was a nice try.

yes, love it! Put my feelings into words

Oh yea that was good, I feel like that sometimes, yeea i cant relate.

You are one in a million.x


isn't it odd, that feeling alone when you are surrounded by others, but in solitude you feel perfectly fine and at peace? that's the way i am. there are only a few people that i would actually want to spend my time with. i'm not one for popularity or even mingling....

Love it, but I will have to think about the interpatation of "catching fat acid snowflakes on my tounge because its real". I could get lost in that thought...

It is better to get lost in the shuffle than to shuffle with the lost

Beautiful. Are you any chance an INFJ?

This is so beautiful you certainly have a way wth words.

indeed...a world of wahwahwahwahwahwah...

I love this! You've really nailed this.

Love it! Couldn't have said it any better

I deeply appreciate your warm thoughts..Thank you........:)

So dark and beautiful, gave me new perspective on snow flacks

mmmm<br />
I resonate with that <br />
I like

mmmm<br />
I resonate with that <br />
I like

thats beautiful

Interesting approach to escape. I like it.

Hey sometimes i feel this way, i like this. :)

=) Beautiful