My Mother Loved Me

My mother loved me in a 1979 Dodge Dart

Pickle green, sandy vinyl interior.

I didn't know that she loved me

Until our first ride in that Dodge

Her first car.

She was twenty-six, I was eight.

We were young, together.

I didn't know

Till' half way down the road

That dirty road, followed by a cloud of dust.

Hank Williams whining through the radio

My mother whining louder

Through the smoke rings of her Camel

Our hair whipped our faces

Arms out the windows

I wondered if she knew that she was smiling

I was smiling too

Ashes fell from her Camel

Onto sandy vinyl seats

But she didn't let go of the steering wheel

Or my hand.

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11 Responses Oct 10, 2007

I too was Mommy's favorite. Thank you for this. Thank you too for reminding me why.

This is truly great, you have it together. Please write more.


Intense, yup

This is more sad than beautiful. Is this actually true? Gosh, I would probably never get over this if it was.

very touching...thanks.

just lovely...i was raised on hank williams...... my mom just died...this was just perfect to happen upon...thanks.

absolutely beautiful! Brilliant write. ......:)

this is beautiful.

I love this. You are a poet.

wow, you have raw talent... beautiful jus beautiful! your mother does love you ~big smile~